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Philani Multi Purpose Centre NPO (Philani) was established in 2019. This NPO replaced Sakhisizwe and is under a new board.


Our Ministry believe in accelerating and amplifying the impact of local education advocates in countries

Waste Management

To inspire conservation of the of the environment and those who live within it. And we couldn't do it without you.


To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

Let's make a difference

Jesus The Answer Ministries (JTA) under the leadership of  Bishop Dr. Mandla Makubalo, is a community based church centred around the development of individuals (spiritually, socially, physchologically, emotionally and otherwise). The Ministry seeks to improve the lives of the communities it serves, as well as the society in the Eastern Cape through its different empowerment programmes. The Ministry has 8 branches and 2 sub-branches linked to King William’s Town as the Head Office. All the branches will be participating in the projects through different feasibility studies that would be conducted to assess the viability of each proposed project per branch. Most of these branches are in rural areas.


Proposed Projects:

Our projects encourage strong partnership links between the civil society, communities, government and business at large.

Some of our successes

In 2007 JTA established an NPO called Sakhisizwe Community Projects and Social Services. This initiative had a great impact in our communities at large. Sakhisizwe’s achievements include but are not limited to the following:


JTA embarked on working with learners around Buffalo City Metro and scholars within the Ministry to provide extra classes on Mathematics and Science.

Great improvement was evident in the scholar’s grades who attended these classes. This programme was also linked to career path advice and support towards helping the youth to be great achievers in life.


This project was funded by the Department of Social Development. This was funded to give support to 4 communities namely; Ginsberg, Bonke, Ngxwalane Kwalini and Rhayi.

The purpose of the project was to provide support to people living with HIV/AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable Children and the elderly.

In summary the project achieved the following:


  • Over 200 orphans were identified (these were orphans and children who became vulnerable through HIV/AIDS and were receiving services through this project).
  • Children who were handed over by their mothers for adoption without birth certificates were assisted with the adoption process.
  • Many of these orphans were assisted with hot meals to sustain them especially during the winter season, assistance with homework, laundry, some were introduced to rehab for drugs, some were assisted with child grant applications, birth certificates, ID documents, foster care grants etc. Many benefitted from receiving clothes and other amenities to help them get by.
  • On special days such as the Mandela Day – Sakhisizwe supported local schools through a cleaning campaign to acknowledge Madiba Day and also to interact with young people in order to build relations with local schools.
  • Door to Door campaigns were initiated to assess and identify needs especially of those that are very sick. Out of this initiative many people were identified. They were offered support through bathing, feeding, those who were bed-ridden were provided with the necessary aides e.g linen savers, dipers etc. Some were provided with wheelchairs. Those who had been identified as having been defaulting from their treatment were accompanied to Grey Hospital. Those who required physiotherapy treatment were taken in for such. In some instances some were provided with psychological referral support into special schools. Some families were supported with indigent support for electricity to the Buffalo City Municipality.
  • Over all over 200 people living with HIV/AIDS were identified and supported, food parcels and clothing were distributed to the needy throughout the communities.

Philani’s advantage

  • The Ministry boasts of a great diversity of professionals within the church itself. They are well capacitated in terms of human resources capital. There are retired personnel who are well vested in knowledge and skills for what we are planning to implement.
  • Land is available for agriculture related projects and programmes.
  • There is a current workforce that is unemployed that may be available to engage with the local communities to impart embedded knowledge and skills transfer. This includes unemployed, job seeking graduates.
  • The Ministry has strong international links with different partners. This would support not only the Ministry but the province at large through proper interactive engagements that may yield great results that would lead to high level partnerships with other partners internationally.
  • JTA has access to media in terms of radio and television programmes.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • There’s a Board in place for proper governance.
  • JTA has registered an Non-Profit Company called Jesus The Answer Ministries NPC, an NPO with Social Development called Philani Multi Purpose Centre and a Co-operative for Waste Management called Jesus The Answer Waste Management Primary Co-operative. This Waste Management team is already working as volunteers with the Municipality in King William’s Town. The Co-op responded to the President’s call for prioritizing cleanliness in our towns and communities.